The founder and owner of Off the Ramp with Kat, and Kat Ventures, Kathleho Mofokeng, is known to be futuristic, innovative and artistic in his business approach in the entertainment, architectural and property industry, he gives himself no limits in expanding his knowledge to different disciplines, fields and learning new things, continuously growing into greater business ventures as a capital investor.









Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (P.A.C.T) was established in March 2012 as a non profit organisation dedicated to providing care and medical treatment for animals in the Phoenix area. There is a considerable breeding problem in this area which leads to unwanted litters destined for homeless lives under unfathomable conditions. This is where P.A.C.T hopes to make a difference – by sterilizing homeless animals and helping owners (who cannot afford sterilization fees) with a welfare rate.






Eco-Solvents is a Durban based, chemical recycling company, that safely recycles and disposes of all dangerous and toxic chemicals safely that arise from the Durban area





KZN Top Model SA is one of the fastest growing model development initiatives in South Africa. Since its initial conception in 2011, it has seen immense growth and interest in the province which is growing continually, with the reality of being one of South Africa’s premier talent discovery projects.





She describes herself as “the chaser of light” Tauhirah Raffie is one of Durban’s premier photographers, capturing the greatest and simplest moments of beauty through the lens of her camera





Cathy Joubert is a portrait photographer well known for her crisp, clean and gentle images. She has now successfully transferred her techniques and her understanding of light from many years of portraiture, into creating portraits of flowers. “I have always been drawn to the strong lines, gentle hues and contrasting colours in flowers and am loving exploring floral photography. I especially love flowers in the wild. After a recent road trip around South Africa , with her labrador, Miley, she launched her new range capturing everyday life in South Africa, the people, flora and fauna… from children playing in a rural village to the starkness of the Karoo, from capturing the early surfers in Muizenberg or a small daisy in spring. ” I went in search of inspiration, and it had always been right there, everywhere around me. “





Model Dynamics started in 1994 as a modeling school and later a small agency. We pride ourselves on being the only modelling school which accepts girls and guys who need to do training and simultaneously work their way up into the modelling world. Our humble beginnings have paved the way for us to provide quality modelling training for young and mature aspiring models. You can never be too old or too young, the world of modelling is diverse and unique and makes dreams come true.



Durban producer and DJ at DOWORK Records




Barnhaus Collective is a production company moulded from the collision of creative minds. They strive to produce compelling images that are empowered by extraordinary voices. As a collective they champion in collaborating with global creative influences to achieve work that is rich in texture and soul.




Mazarat Farm is of the best nature and outdoor environments in KZN. Nestled in the quiet corner of North Western KZN, Mazarat Farm holds the true secret to peace and separation from the busy life in the big city.





Local Non-profit animal rescue organisation based in Waterfall.






Local riding school based in Waterfall