Geminition Media

Innovative Business Solutions

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A Digital Agency

Providing the best solutions on both tradititional and digital market and maximising it’s potential.

Forward Thinking

We don’t confine ourselves to the conventional way of thinkng, and instead pioneer innvoative ways that stand out for our clients.

Problem Solvers

We tackle problems, in a methodical and creative manner, which allows us to find unique solutions to all unique problems.

Customer Support

We work closely with all our clients and partners to guarantee a solid and effective service.

Jenna Surgeon, Co-Founder

Our Story

We are founded in the simple principal of providing affordable world class service and making it accessible to small to large business enterprises, while maximizing the potential of digital media technologies in the South African marketing sphere. There is a great demand for refined, modern and affordable, aesthetically pleasing marketing and business solutions and we aim to provide it in the best way possible in South Africa.

  • Brand Strategy 85%
  • Internet Marketing 89%
  • App Development 70%
  • Customer Happiness 90%